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Book Review| The Overdue Life of Amy Byler by Kelly Harris

Amy Byler is a single mother and Librarian who, like most, is overdue a day off. When she runs into her estranged husband of almost a decade her first instinct is to shoo him away. However, when he asks to make up time with the kids and offers her a week to herself it almost seems too good to be true.

Author Kelly Harris, expertly writes a serious topic with humor, jest and just enough light heartedness to bring the reader joy. Job well done!

In The Overdue Life of Amy Byler by Kelly Harris, main character, Amy whisks away to New York City to attend a Librarian Conference. She stays with an old friend who runs a fashion magazine (and immediately makes her ditch the "mom jeans"), meets a "hot Librarian" who returns the admiration, and actually get some sleep! A week long stay in the city that never sleeps turns into a 3 month "MomSpringa" (ref. the Amish voyage Rumspringa) that is documented on social media and in her friend's trendy magazine.

During her journey, Amy gives the reader an inside look at the complex feelings of a mother who loves her children however lost herself along the winding road of motherhood. Amy enjoys finding herself again while feeling exceptionally guilty being away from her children for so long. Something in which many mothers will be able to empathize. Harris, manages to tie everything up in a neat bow which will leave the reader closing the book covers full of satisfaction, happiness and with a big smile for Amy Byler.

Happy Reading Friends!



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