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Book Review| Confessions on the 7:45 by Lisa Unger

This book recommendation came from a friend and was described as "unputdownable". Author Lisa Unger, a New York Times best selling author, writes an entertaining and thrilling phycological best seller.

In Confessions on the 7:45 by Lisa Unger, main character Selena Murphy commutes home from work each evening on the train arriving at 5pm. Occasionally, when Selena works late she is able to catch the 7:45pm train home. One evening she meets Martha, another young professional, on the 7:45 train. In a rare moment of trust Selena confesses that her husband has been sleeping with her Nanny and she isn't quite sure what to do. Martha offers to help as a self proclaimed problem solver. Selena declines but can't help think about Martha mysteriousness and familiarity in the weeks ahead.

When the Nanny goes missing, Selena is in a world wind of confusion realizing her husband is a man she doesn't even know. Or does she?

Unger writes a first chapter that drawls the reader into the story to a point of no return. The reader is left instantaneously wondering the identity of the true villain even considering the protagonist herself, Selena. Unger, writes flawed characters with depth and dimensions.

Worth a read if you are looking for something to captivate your attention for a few hours on your daily commute.

Happy Reading Friends!



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