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Book Review| Where You Are Is Not Who You Are by Ursula Burns

#bookrec 👋🏽Hey y’all…I spontaneously bought this new (released 2021) memoir by Ursula Burns shortly after reading her recent interview in the July-Aug 2021 edition of @HarvardBusinessReview, mainly to get the tea ☕️ on how she gracefully (or not) handled the activist investor 😵‍💫 making waves during her tenure as CEO of Xerox. However, the book doesn’t focus much on that at all. A delightful surprise!😀

Much of this short read focuses on her upbringing, volunteer work, family life and what she felt were the most impactful elements that led to her success. Burns also details (as much as her executive departure contract allows 😉) a few major projects in which she spearheaded while gaining more responsibility at Xerox as well as the relationship dynamics she and the preceding CEO shared over the years while recollecting both a few wins and lessons learned.

As the first woman CEO in the Fortune 500 to be preceded by another woman CEO (Anne M. Mulcahy ⬅️ patiently waiting on the book too!⁉️) and as the first African American woman CEO of a Fortune 500, she contributes the hardworking strict values instilled from her mother, outspokenness, smarts, dedication, and mentors as major contributing factors.

To get a sense of her personality while reading, I mixed a few of her past YouTube videos into the rotation and enjoyed her down to earth, straightforward, honest energy. 🤓


Have you read this yet? Share your thoughts in the comments below 👇🏽!


Happy Reading Friends, Xoxoxoxoxox, ROTR

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