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Book Review| Letters to My Daughter by Maya Angelou

Updated: May 10, 2019

This collection of writings from one of the most revered writers to date, is dedicated to the Daughter in which she never had. It's filled with short stories, poems and essays describing her life experiences and what she learned from them along the way.

Angelou is however, very careful in expressing the wishes for "her daughter" to gather her own independent lessons while traveling through this collection. She makes note that her daughters number in the thousands and are unique...her advice is for us all. Her wisdom pours over the pages unapologetically. Letters to My Daughter is a must read for every Angelou fan, young adult learning historical prominence and those looking to gain motherly wisdom in an entertaining way. Click the link above or book image to order a copy for yourself (or a friend!). Keep reading for a special video surprise!

"I gave birth to one child, a son, but I have thousands of daughters. You are Black, White, Jewish and Muslim, Asian, Spanish-speaking, Native American and Aleut. You are fat and thin and pretty and plain, gay and straight, educated and unlettered, and I am speaking to you all. Here is my offering to you."
~Maya Angelou

A favorite essay of mine from this collection is entitled: To tell the truth. Angelou advocates for unfiltered honesty in appropriate situations. She offers it can provide therapeutic healing, camaraderie and enlighten her own no loving, no nonsense way of course. Check out the video below to a personal reading and let me know what you think. This video was brought to you by VideoScribe.

I am looking forward to hearing what you think about this book. As always, when you are finished reading, connect with me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to let me know your thoughts, questions and/or comments. I love hearing from you all!

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