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5 Inspiring Quotes from #EssenceMusicFestival

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Airbrush art at the 2019 Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, LA.

ReadingOnTheRun had the pleasure of attending the 2019 Essence Music Festival and walked away very much inspired. Below check out a few of the many inspirational quotes from the celebrity panel discussions. Also see our review post about the festival experience here!




"Don't just give money to charity, give your time and hands as well."

~David Mann, Gospel Singer


"Many people consider things such as vacation and/or a bubble bath as self-care however I consider self care as a percentage of my day. I ask myself what percentage of the day am I happy? [Therefore, my work is self=care because I am happy when I work on my craft.]"

~Ava DuVernay, Film Producer


"A career transition doesn't have to happen all at once. Take baby steps, a little each day. I didn't pickup a camera until I was age 32."

~Ava DuVernay, Film Producer


{Singing} "I wanna do you after school like some homework...I'm a little too old to be singing this song..."

~Tevin Campbell, Singer (now age 42)

[Life lesson: Keep the past in the past...]


"...change the narrative a little bit and actually see ourselves in places we hope and dream to be..."

~Marsai Martin, Actress/Producer

(on depicting African American women in film)



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