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Book List| 3 Scandalous Books about love and Marriage

This month (Valentine's Day) is for lovers and there is never a shortage them. However, not all lovers play by the rules. If you are looking to spice up your reading list with a few tales of love gone wrong, check out the book list below!

1. My Husbands Wife : Lily is a lawyer who blossoms late in life as measured by societal standards, beginning as a bit of a plain Jane if you will. Determined to leave behind a family secret, she marries Ed for a fresh start. When her husband takes on a new wife in a bazaar twist, Lily is forced to appraise her choices and shameful past before retribution.

2. The Marriage Lie: Iris and Will are the perfect couple. Married for seven years, Will pampers Iris with complements, jewelry and cooks a decent celebratory meal when required. As a brilliant software engineer, he is content with his beautiful home, beautiful wife and portable computer. Iris get a call one day, receiving news that Will has been killed in a plane crash headed in the opposite direction of his itinerary. Devastated, Iris begins to investigate Will death and learns some unsettling facts about their marriage.

3. Dear Wife : Sabine, a beautiful real-estate agent has gone missing. Sabine's husband, unhappy with himself and the fate of his marriage previous to her disappearance, has to reluctantly collaborate with her lover and less pleasant twin sister to help detective Marcus bring Sabine home.


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Happy (Scandalous) Reading Friends!





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