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Book Review| Dear Wife by Kimberly Belle

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Dear Wife by Kimberly Belle is a suspense novel following a woman on the run from her abusive husband. Sabine, a beautiful wealthy real-estate agent, has gone missing and it's up to Detective Marcus to find her.

Sabine's husband, unhappy with himself and the fate of his marriage previous to her disappearance, has to reluctantly collaborate with her lover and less pleasant twin sister to help detective Marcus bring Sabine home.

In another state, Beth is on the run from her abusive husband. After planning her elaborate escape over the prior 10 months she finds herself navigating unanticipated situations. After changing her name, hair color and just about everything else from her past, Beth lives in a boarding home, tries to steer clear of internet trails, phone towers and anything else that would leave a trail for her husband to find.


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Author Kimberly Belle has branded herself the master of suspenseful marriage plots. In Dear Wife all of the characters are woven into a brilliantly written suspense plot that will not disappoint. This is a good novel for an uninterrupted read. You won't want to miss a clue!


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