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Book List| 8 Things You Didn't Know about Stacey Abrams

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

You may know Stacey Abrams as an American Politican and lawyer who served in the Georgia House of Representatives from 2007-2017. You may also know that in 2018 Abrams became the first African American woman gubernatorial electorate from a major party. Abrams did not win that election which resulted in accusations of voter suppression.

Less than a year later during the 2019 presidential election, Abrams was hailed by pop-culture as single handedly turning the long time red state blue due to mobilizing thousands of latent democratic voters in the state of Georgia through leading the Fair Fight Initiative.

I'm making it my mission to advocate for free and fair elections. Join our fight to ensure access to democracy for all.— STACEY ABRAMS

What you didn't know:

You may not know however that Stacey Abrams has another name. Abrams carries a pen name or "pseudonym" in the literary world known as Selena Montgomery, and has published eight romance novels under the moniker, on average one every year since 2001. Wow!

In recent times, Stacey Abrams has dropped the moniker, for now, to publish another fiction novel. In While Justice Sleeps, scheduled to release later in 2021, Abrams tells the fictional story of astute young law clerk Avery Keene in a twisted tale of political deceit.

Check out the links below for a robust list of Abrams' eight romance literary works!


Will you be reading any of these books this year?

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