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Book List| August 2020 #TBR list

Happy August Friends! It’s a new month so here at, that means time for a new #tbr reading list and a new giveaway!

Announcement: The winners of our July giveaway are:

My Spiritual Journey by the Dalai Lama (@bing111 via Instagram), and

A Million Little Pieces by James Frey (@meecheroo85 via Instagram)

Congratulations to our winners! Remember to post and tag ROTR on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to let us know if you enjoy the read(s). Winners must DM @readingontherunblog with a shipping address before August 31, 2020 to receive their free book.

This month I will be giving away a copy of Hustle and Heart by Patricia Bright. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to learn more on how to enter our monthly giveaways.

Keep reading if you want to learn more about my August #tbr list. What’s on your “to-be-read” list this month?

Happy Reading Friends,




Evicted by Mathew Desmond

Non-Fiction/ Buy on Amazon

I took a sociology class at University that opened my eyes to the complicated nature of poverty. In fact, it’s magnitude here in America is quite unique. This book landed on both Bill Gate’s and former United States President Barack Obama’s reading list a few years ago. It’s a Pulitzer Prize winning account of eight families from the poorest neighborhoods in Milwaukee trying to secure housing. Harvard Sociologist, Mathew Desmond, sets out to change the way we view poverty in America and highlights the centralized importance of “Home”.


The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein

Non-Fiction/ Buy on Amazon

Currently the nonfiction @rotor_bookclub pick, The Color of Law is essentially a historical look-back at the governmental laws, policies and practices that contributed to racially segregated neighborhoods in the United States of America. Included are meticulous research and personal accounts of those immediately impacted. Rothstein, a research associate of the Economic Policy Institute of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, sets out to make the case of governmental action in reversing the effects of unconstitutional segregation.


Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Fiction/ Buy on Amazon

If you don’t know already, Gillian Flynn is the author of the wildly popular, New York Times Best Selling book Gone Girl. Sharp Objects is Flynn’s debut novel published six years prior (2006), now an Emmy nominated limited series on the HBO network. Its plot follows main character Camille, a reporter newly released from a psych hospital. Once released, her first assignment requires a return to her tiny, dreadful hometown. Camille desperately tries to outrun her demons while investigating several bizarre murders of young girls in a town she despises. Flynn’s style is original, dark and suspenseful. This should be a highly entertaining read.


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

Non-Fiction/ Buy on Amazon

This is an oldie but goodie! Going 15 years strong as a top seller, this book sets out to unveil the habits that are common to some of the most successful people so we too can apply them to our goals. Things here at are picking up nowadays and I need a little help being more efficient and effective getting content to you all. I’ve read this book a few times over the years for various projects and I find something new every time.



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