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Book List| For the Collegiate Humanities Non-fiction Lovers (A Trio!) 🤓

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Hi Bookish Friends! ROTR caught just the right book sale at Barnes and Nobles a few weeks ago and ended up somewhat randomly picking a non-fiction trio currently leading the collegiate humanities sector 🤓. Full reviews on the blog! 💕

Heavy by Kiese Laymond, an English professor at University of Mississippi, accounts his personal journey as an AA male in learning how to responsibly love while navigating barriers in which most are unaware; Named a Best Book of 2018 by the NYT, it’s written in the form of a letter to his mother, using their relationship as a baseline to which he approaches all others -inherently transferring not only the jubilant emotional currency but also the traumatic. The writing style is basic and untraditional, conversational even. See the ROTR full review Here!

Edge by Laura Huang, a Harvard university business professor, is about finding your distinguishing factor using the worlds lens. She hypothesizes that everyone is subject to stereotypes/bias therefore, depending on what that is, hard work might not be enough alone to get ahead. She writes about how to use the opinions of you from others (good or bad) as an advantage in communication, branding and business relations. The writing is fun and relational mixing business & psychology. Huang is one of the youngest Harvard business professors, making the 40 Best Business School Professors Under 40 list by Poets & Quants. See ROTR full review Here!

Three Women by Lisa Taddeo is a NYT best seller which takes a sociological look at the western norms of romantic love by gender. The writing style is sophisticated and maintains an air of astuteness. It accounts the true stories of three women who end up in undesirable circumstances all in the name of “love”, how society either accepts or rejects these notions and the effects. Based on eight years of immersive research it “explores desire, heartbreak, and infatuation in all its messy, complicated nuance.” ~Washington Post

Happy Reading Friends!



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