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Book Review| A Spark of Light by Jodi Picoult

A Spark of light by New York Times Best Selling Author Jodi Picoult attempts to uncover the many sides of abortion rights. The story centers around one main event, a hostage situation at one of the only abortion clinics in over a thirty mile radius, where one hostage has already been shot and another injured. As the hostage negotiator tries to apprehend the suspect, the storyline dives into the lives of each hostage attending the clinic for their own reasons.

If you are familiar with Picoult's work, it'll come at no surprise that this book is bold both in topic selection and literary structure. The story takes the reader on a wild ride in reverse order. Yes, you read that right, it begins at the end of the story and takes the reader in reverse.

Because of the uncoventional sequence of the story and the fact that there are over 5 main characters, it make take a bit of time to get engrossed in this read. Check out the full character scroll below.

Most of us humans have a strong opinion of this topic therefore will identify with one character and struggle to see the view of the others, exactly the point Picoult wants to make. This book is a perfect read for the curious mind looking to open its view of the world. Something we all should be seeking.


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Character Scroll:

George is the gunman holding the clinic hostage because of a heavy disagreement with his daughter.

Hugh is the hostage negotiator who shows up for a typical days work before realizing his worse nightmare has come true. His only daughter is inside the clinic with the gunman.

Wren is the daughter of the hostage negotiator attending the clinic to acquire birth control pills before having sex for the first time.

Bex is Wren's aunt who never married due to sacrificing her life to care for Hugh as a child. She is accompanying Wren to the clinic as her guardian.

Janine is an anti-abortion activist spying on the clinic patrons in efforts to change their minds about abortion.

Izzy is a newly pregnant nurse at the clinic. She grew up poor and is very proud of her accomplishments in life, even marring her rich husband.

Dr. Ward is the physician who performs the abortions at the clinic in support of his strong feelings of giving less fortunate women a better life. After witnessing the death of his own mother at a young age due to her attempting an abortion at home, he vowed to never let another woman suffer in that way if he could help it.

Beth is a young girl in Mississippi on trial for murder because she ordered abortion pills on-line. She and her lawyer struggle to get others to see their reality.


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Happy Reading Friends!





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