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Book Review| Send It On by @Jouelzy

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Have you ever wanted to read your best friend's journal? Well here is your chance. Send It On (paperback, 112 pgs.) is a collection of fictional short stories that offers the reader the feeling of entering the private world of a young woman's mind. It's easy to read and filled with young adult love experiences: romantic, platonic and familial. Intuitively, if familiar with Jouelzy's brand the reader will associate the experiences of Solana, the main character, with true stories from Jouelzy herself.

This is the first self-publication from author, Jouelzy, an internet personality and self-professed pre-doctoral student studying African American History. Jouelzy's interest in current social norms as it relates to the coming of age African American woman, allows for authentic character creation.

Solana, better known as Soli B , is young, vibrant, curious and in love with a man that already has a family. With a loving father, a mother that finds few reasons to smile and ambitions too large for her to handle, Soli B navigates the devastation of unrequited love.

With quite impressive cover art, the book is only available in paperback. If ordered directly from the website the author will send a signed copy (however, it may take more than a few weeks to arrive). It is also available on Amazon.

Send It On is a collection of "short stories told through the eyes of Solana, a young woman going through the evolutions of womanhood."

Chapter Synopsis:

(Chapter Title/ROTR digest)

  1. Dear Mommy/ A dedication to the struggle that came prior.

  2. I Don't Know/ A broken promise to Solana's 6-year-old self sets the stage for future decisions.

  3. Black Carrie/ The (Black) Carrie Bradshaw complex, faking happiness.

  4. Peach Cobbler/ A hand written letter and a recipe for Peach Cobbler from Dad.

  5. Zumunda/ Dinner with an African Escort.

  6. Umbrella/ He won't share his umbrella, he loves me not.

  7. Friday Night Lights/ A broken heart in the club.

  8. October 11th/ Sinking and no one cares.

  9. Press Delete/ Deleting the messages will hopefully delete the feelings.

  10. Perpendicular Contradictions/ Drunken does not equal consensual.

  11. Send It On/ Giving in to the desire.

  12. 21 Days/ Twenty One days on cloud nine.

  13. Over That/ Greeting him in public.

  14. A Woo Woo Woo/ A Google Chat convo for the win?

  15. PMS September/ Depression.

  16. i./ Self defining realities.

  17. A Long Ass Note/ He's got mail.

  18. Good Night.../ Am I the fool?

  19. Good Day,/ Why I now smile.

An obvious intellectual underlies the robust internet character known as @Jouelzy, who has built an untraditional Youtube brand (#smartbrowngirl), engaging women of color into complex cultural discussions drawing them in with pop-culture references and snarky attitude. I look forward to reading her next, more maturely developed book. I would recommend this book for a short interesting read.

Happy reading my friends,





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