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Book Review: The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

Warning : Be prepared for plot twists that may require several wine breaks during reading this book. Characters may not be who or what they seem. Please read while sitting in the case of falling dizzy.

The Wife Between Us (394 pages) is a phycological thriller, more like a rollercoaster ride of delicious mystery and suspense, critically acclaimed for its plot twist. Delivered in a three part storyline, authors Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen masterfully deliver each word leading readers wandering down dead end roads, only to be detoured when least expected. The narration or position of voice (POV) is from both first and third person, a difficult technical feat executed superbly by the authors, making it a slippery tale of two.

Authors Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen are each veterans of the publishing world in their own right. Hendricks spent 20 years as an editor at publishing house, Simon & Schuster before becoming a novelist by co-authoring The Wife Between Us. Pekkanen is an internationally best-selling solo author of eight previous novels. The two developed a special relationship while working together as an editor-writer duo with Simon & Schuster. Pekkanen offered to team up with Hendricks on a novel which delivered us, The Wife Between Us.

Boy are we glad!

Meet the Characters:

The main character Vanessa is a recently divorced high-end retail clerk determined to stop her ex-husband, Richard from remarrying. Ravaged by guilt of destroying their marriage, Vanessa is obsessed with rectifying their slit. She is committed to do whatever it takes to make sure her ex doesn't make it to the alter for a second time.

Nellie is a young, beautiful preschool teacher deeply in love with Richard. With the pressures of their approaching nuptials, Nellie is haunted not only by Richard's past, but that of her own. The transition from the young, fun, single girl in New York City, to a married mother in the upstate New York suburbs, at times seem too much for her to bear.

Richard is wealthy, handsome and every woman's dream. A self-made man, emotionally healing from the loss of his mother and father in a car accident as a child. Richard is refined, loving, doting, specific and protective of the things in which he loves.

Emma is Richard's assistant and equally as beautiful as Nellie with an interfering motive of her own.

The Plot:

Nothing like you've ever read before. You'll second guess yourself a few times reading this book. Guaranteed.


This book is worth the read.


Happy Reading Friends,



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