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Why we should care what Beyonce reads!

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Elle magazine released an interview with Beyonce in recognition of her partnership with Adidas for the IVY Park fashion line. In it Beyonce answered burning questions from the Beehive while modeling select Couture fashion pieces paired with IVY Park staples. The original article will be published in the January 2020 edition of the magazine however the online version released this month and the blogosphere is on fire.

There is no doubt that Beyonce and Team screened the questions before submitting the answers and ELLE chose to print what their research tells them is most relevant and/or entertaining (...must sell magazines and get clicks!) but why was there not one question asked (or answered) about what the Queen B reads?

Beyonce answers questions submitted via email, facebook and instagram (she admits that she doesn't know her Snapchat handle). Fans ask about fashion, work-life balance, owning her creations, running a company, staying grounded as a celebrity, weight fluctuations and her most hated question to answer (Are you pregnant?).

As one of the most celebrated figures in pop-culture, Beyonce is the epitome of what young people today aspire to emulate. Her beauty, talent and work ethic tends to take center stage in the media however, as a Beyonce fan, I notice the hard earned efforts by her team to project the smarts needed to build and sustain the Beyonce brand. Beyonce runs a company of hundreds of people at any given time, earns some of the highest revenues on tour and owns creative control and rights to most of the content produced by her companies. The know-how of being a successful business woman and entertainer isn't gained by osmosis.

Though not everyone is an avid reader, every successful person must read something! The ultimate fan food is to know what the influencer knows, to think how she thinks, to win as she wins. Therefore, Beyonce I ask the following for the benefit of the entire #beehive:

1. What are you currently reading?

2. What book has been most influential to your success as a twentieth century woman?

3. If you could only leave one book behind for your daughters/son when you are gone, what would it be?

If you are not Beyonce, feel free to answer the same questions in the comment section below. Knowledge is wealth, let's share it accord

Happy Reading Friends,





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