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Wellness| Goleta Education Foundation Lemon Run-10K (Santa Barbara, California)

Updated: May 10, 2019

Hosting Philanthropic organization

Goleta Education Foundation (GEF) supports the students, teachers, administrators and families in The Goleta Union School District (GUSD). GUSD covers the Goleta Valley with a population of approximately 80,000 in the City of Goleta and a large unincorporated area of Santa Barbara County. The more than, 3,700 students in GUSD are diverse in both socioeconomics and ethnicity. The Goleta Education Foundation offers support to schools in the district, with the goal of creating parity across all programs for a variety of learning groups, regardless of an individual school’s ability to raise funds to augment the district’s resources. GEF is currently an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff.


Santa Barbara California, City of Goleta


10K and 5K Multi-race - Adult

10K and 5K Multi-race - Kids 12 and under

Lemon Run 10K - Adult

Lemon Run 10K - Kids 12 and under

Lemon Run 5k - Adult

Lemon Run 5K - Kids 12 and under

1 K Fun Run - 13 and older

Kids 1K Fun Run - 12 and under

Organizational Effectiveness:

I was able to register for the race up until the day before the event. When I arrived, it was a breeze to register. The starting line was festive with beautiful ocean front views. This is a medium/small community event with plenty of hospitality. The finish line was full of treats such as fruit, water, coffee and juice, all manned by local volunteers. You'll definitely feel the spirit of this city during the event.

Trail/Course info:

Held at beautiful Goleta Beach park, Obern Trail bike path. The trail is flat and through a wooded area.


Overall it was a very pleasant experience. Fellow runners were friendly once they began to know you. There were plenty of eager jovial children at the starting line, a fun BONUS! The 10k trail could have used a few more directional signs through the primarily wooded trail to distinguish it from the other events. There were two water stops along the way of this very flat trail so get ready to be hydrated and run close to your personal best time. Leading up to the finish line there is a busy entrance into the park where officers will direct traffic. Be careful and make sure you pay attention to the correct path to the finish line.

WOW factor:

Of course the ocean side views will blow you away! However, you'll only get to see it during the start and finish of the run.

Would I run it again?

Given a shared passion for education equity, I would absolutely run this event again.

How to register:



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