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How to| 5 Ways to Read More Books in #2021

Looking to read more in 2021? Make it fun! Here are 5 ways to read more this year:

1. Make a plan:

Like any other goal you'll need to plan for reading more this year. Here's how: Grab your phone or a notepad and begin jotting down the reason you would like to read more this year. Then answer the following questions:

How many books would you like to read this year?

How many would you need to read per month to reach your goal?

How will you acquire your books (Library, Amazon, Bookstore, Trade)?

How will you hold yourself accountable (a friend, a blog, a bookclub, instagram page)?

Making and sticking to a plan will put your reading on autopilot. A wonderful resource to join others in meeting their reading goal is the website GoodReads by Amazon. Millions of readers log their progress, reviews and goals all while networking with other readers.

Don't forget to add ReadingOnTheRun as a friend on GoodReads!

2. Pick a theme:

Do you already have a specific topic of interest in your life? Maybe it's fashion, beauty, cooking, personal finance, trains, stock trading, etc.

If so, commit to reading a variety of books within each book genre about that specific topic. It'll keep you interested and engaged since it's topic of interest you already have!

For example, love cooking? Here are a few books across book genres that you'll love:

Non-Fiction (Memoir): Yes, Chef by Marcus Samuelsson

3. Join a bookclub:

Reading is more fun with a friend!

Most bookclubs have gone virtual this past year which makes them much easier to join and/or start. Grab a couple of bookish friends and start a group chat about a steamy romance book. Websites like Book of The Month, makes it easy for a group of friends to pick a current book of any genre and get it shipped directly to each person, removing some of the hassle of starting a bookclub. They have carefully curated options, ship directly to your door, and have a monthly subscription service so you'll always have a good book nearby.

Get a ROTR discount to join #bookofthemonth for only $5 (over 75% off!).

Click our link to get started!:

4. Listen more!:

One of the most common reasons for not reading is lack of time.

We're all so busy with various responsibilities. Audible by Amazon is a great way to listen to the latest reads while driving, cooking, cleaning or just about doing anything. Another option to get more audiobooks is to use Libby, which allows you to download free audiobooks from your local library directly through the app. How great is that?!

Always having an audiobook on hand is an easy way to prevent boredom with reading. You can always alternate between an audiobook and a physical book (of different titles) if one is rather slow to get your attention. This will prevent you from losing progress toward your reading goals.

5. Watch the the book

Some of the best movies are based on books.

Pick a few favorite movies to watch then commit to reading the book afterwards. This will help you read more and it'll be entertaining to compare the differences between the two. For example, The Queens Gambit by Netflix is an exciting drama touting raving reviews. By now almost everyone familiar with the series knows it's based on a novel written by Walter Tevis . Since all of the exciting details of a novel can't possibly be carried out on screen, reading this will be a real treat!


Happy Reading Friends,



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