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Book Review| My Sister, The Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

I picked up this book at the airport on the way back from a leisure beach trip due to an immediate desire to be entertained by a good 'ol fictional story. When I came across this novel, My Sister, The Serial Killer a mental note that I had previously tucked away surfaced. I noticed the author several weeks earlier in a review by the New York Times and wanted to support her work. This was the perfect chance!

"Scorpion-Tailed...Leaves a response, and a sting, you will remember." -The New York Times

The storyline centers around two sisters protecting each other from the world that surrounds them while trying to find love. It just so happens that Ayoola, the younger sister, can't keep any of her love interests alive. Korede is older, responsible, protective and tired of cleaning up her sister's mess. However, her devotion to family won't let her break free and pursue the life she desires with an unrequited love.

"Braithwaite writes with fearlessness...about family, race, class, and the monstrosity of high expectations, making My Sister, The Serial Killer a wicked, joyous wonder." -BuzzFeed


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The chapters are short, witty and subversive into the cultural dynamic in which the characters live. It's an easy, entertaining read that is sure to provoke emotion. Though labeled a fictional comedy, I found more wit than laugh-out-loud moments however Braithwaite does a good job with strategic placements of cliff hangers. I finished the novel within two days in between chores and found myself thinking about what will happen next when I wasn't reading. The ending will satisfy depending on the moral compass of the reader, either way you'll find yourself wanting more.

"Taut, rapidly paced...pleasurably subverts serial killer and sisterhood tropes for a guaranteed fun afternoon." -HuffPost

Happy Reading my Friends!





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