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@ReadingOnTheRun Very First Unboxing!

Hi Friends 👋🏽!!@readingontherunblogis celebrating receiving its first ever#bloggermail🥳. Thank you @penguinrandomhouse💙.


😱Question reel ⁉️: What do you think is inside? Are you ready for a giveaway? I sense an #unboxing video on our YouTube channel in the near future....what do you think? Would you watch? 🎬 ⁉️ See the video below!


During this time, it’s important to celebrate the win, reaching a milestone and the love of one another. If you can’t seem to find something positive to celebrate, create something to celebrate by becoming the positive change. We need one another. What are you celebrating this week?


@readingontherunblogis about sharing experiences, voices, helpful knowledge and thoughts through books/ authentic stories that spark connection and true, genuine conversation! Follow for fun 💕 📚 .

Check out the video below!



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