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Inspired Thoughts| 10 Things Starting a Blog Has Taught Me

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

After reading these below, let me know on twitter what blogging and/or YouTubing has taught you.

1. Everyone is a novice at some point. No one expects you to, nor needs you to, know everything. Blogging is hard...write, read, edit, may times as you need.


2. Slow Down. In haste to complete the task, minor mistakes can require more time correcting than if done correctly the first time. For example, writing blog posts without proof reading often presents easy avoidable spelling/grammatical mistakes than need editing days later.


3. Increased Consistency.


4. It's okay to make mistakes.


5. Everyone wants to try something new. The ultimate question is are you brave enough to do it?


6. Judgement can be beneficial: Constructive criticism makes you better so receive it with grace and respond accordingly. However note: you are not responsible for the moral compass of others.


7. A productivity journal is a must! Click here for an a full explanation.


8. Blogging is a fun writing outlet, but also requires wicked creativity.


9. Just have fun! You don't always have to visualize the end game.


10. Every new venture brings success in its own way... sometimes in unexpected ways.



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