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5 Reasons to Buy New Books!

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Every true book lover knows that grabbing a warm cup of comfort and cozying up with a new book is one of the best moments after a long challenging week of responsibility. Satisfying the anticipation of getting lost in a new story, meeting new characters or learning new tools on a journey to ones best self is unmatched. Using the local library is a great way to satisfy the craving for new discoveries. Supporting your local library resources community programs and helps ease the pain of your book addiction on your bank account!

On the other hand, purchasing a new book has its perks also! Here are five reasons to buy new books!

Happy reading friends,




1. Gift giving:

A good book is the perfect gift for any occasion. With the vast subject matter options, they are easy to personalize, ship and share. To personalize even further, add a thoughtful message inside so the sentiment will always be just a reach away on the bookshelf.


2. Support for your favorite authors:

Book sales matter!


3. Get it hot off the press:

Usually a hot read will arrive at your local library a few months or even years after its original release date. Also, once it's there, you'll be required to wait your turn in the book request line to get it.


4. Add a new addition to the bookshelf:

What? Is there a such situation of having too many books...ever?


5. New book smell and new crisp page turns:

Am I the only one who enjoys this...?


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Thank you for your purchase!



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