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Book Review: One Little Secret by Cate Holahan

Imagine you and your spouse taking a much needed week long beach vacation trip with two of your favorite couples. Six of you basking in the sun, enjoying refreshing cocktails, and engaging conversation. Secrets may slip off the tongue and hidden passions may reveal themselves. Then, when time comes to return back to daily life, there are only five of you leaving the life of luxury. Well, you don't have to imagine, there is a book for that!

One Little Secret by Cate Holahan is a phycological thriller following three couples on a wild ride of mystery, lies and deceit. A novel of thirty-two unabridged chapters, Holahan cleverly weaves a charming story and gives each character enough depth to keep the reader's attention. If you are a fan of the signature marriage plot duplicity of books by author Kimberly Belle, you will enjoy the similar array of domestic suspense novels by Cate Holahan.

This book is currently available free with an Amazon Audible membership. Though this audiobook is well read by Hillary Huber, at various points throughout the story the sound likens to an automated voice which is distracting.

Meet the Characters:

Gabby is a newly minted Detective and one of very few women serving in the department. Married with a beautiful young daughter, Gabby intuitively navigates the murky waters of solving a domestic murder, a crime that occurs very rarely in their wealthy north eastern part of the United States.

Jenny & Lewis are an attractive, successful couple at the hight of their careers. The couple met in medical school and continue to support one another as they raise their young bi-racial daughter. Jenny becomes a minor celebrity when deciding to make a career change to Medical Sports Anchor and Lewis, an Emergency Room Physician, struggles to process the emotional impact of his wife's rising success.

Susan & Nadal, a stay-at-home mom and tech start-up owner respectively, are the proverbial "couple next door". As Nadal spends an increasing amount of time driving the company to success, Susan struggles to adjust to the new neighborhood after leaving her thriving career as a high powered west-coast lawyer behind. With two young sons, one of which with special needs, Susan plans the week long beach vacation for the neighbors in hopes of making friends and fitting in.

Rachel, also a high powered Lawyer, is married to Ben, a self-publishing mystery writer and unofficial flirt of the neighborhood. While on the getaway, Rachel receives some disappointing news from their daughter which ignites an unexpected turn of events for the couple.

The Plot:

This is a classic mystery of finding the murderer among the trusted. Wait until the very end for the plot twist.

The Verdict:

This book may be worth the read however the listen (audible audiobook) may be less enjoyable. The storyline maybe a bit predictable at times yet still enjoyable.


This book is recommended to spice up a weekend full of laundry and beauty treatments!

Happy Reading Friends! Xoxoxoxoxoxo,


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