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Inspired Thoughts| Love is...

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Hi 👋🏽#bookloving friends! In these familiar eyes in the artwork above we can all see a story, an experience and/or someone we love. As avid readers,#booklovers and #storytellers we are deeply aware of the value of each life because there is a unique story behind each one that we are eagerly waiting, hoping, anticipating experiencing through written art.


The news cycle is 💔 are the very communities that have to constantly see, hear and grieve the loss of what they believe the world sees as insignificant. We see you, we hear you, we love you.

Love at the very least is “actionable” something, say something, write something to stand-up against the atrocities on human life being displayed over and over again in our society, our world 🌎 . It’s not enough to be able to say you are not the perpetrator. In times like these, inaction is synonymous with aiding and abetting. It takes one message, conversation, act of love to change how someone views their world. Please make the effort.




Love is “actionable”. Sending #love and #light your way. #youarevalued

Send this to anyone that may need to hear it today 💕

Happy Reading my Friends!





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