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Travel Inspiration| Let's Do Morocco!

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Tired of doing brunch with the bestie? Sounds like it's time to spice up the relationship with a little travel inspiration. Meet Lynn and Shayla, best friends from Tallahassee, Florida who decided to take a girls trip to Morocco. Keep reading to hear more, in their own words. Enjoy!


Did you have any initial expectations? If so, were they met?

Although Morocco is located in Northern Africa we had the pleasure of experiencing Arab/African culture. The people there lived so simply yet still seemed genuinely happy. It gave us a great appreciation for the things we have and reminded us that it doesn’t take much to live a robust life.

Name: Lynn and Shayla

Traveling Destination: Morocco

Cities Visited: Casablanca, Rabat, Fez, and Marrakech.

Plane Ticket: $675

All Inclusive Trip Package: $800 per person

Spa Date: $45


Why Morocco?

We decided to visit Morocco for a girls trip after our good friend and Travel Agent Y’desha Alsup of the Travel Joy Experience previously visited the country. She told us about what a great time she had and offered to organize a trip for a bunch of us to return with her to experience it for ourselves During our trip we traveled to four cities: Casablanca, Rabat, Fez, and Marrakech.

Best friends Shayla (left) and Lynn.

One of the major highlights of our trip happened when we visited Les Bains de Marrakech. Here we treated ourselves to a traditional hammam. First we got a chance to relax in a calming room with dim lights and soft music. We were then led to a steaming hot bathing room covered in marble. We were soaked with warm water and allowed to steam for some time. Our attendants returned and used a scrubbing glove to remove dead skin cells. Afterwards they slathered on a layer of a clay body mask and we steamed some more before they rinsed us and gave us a 20 minute massage. Leaving there we were refreshed and our skin was incredibly soft! The best part is it only cost us $45US and we were allowed to keep the scrubbing cloth!

For food, we highly recommend Restaurant Dar Hatim it’s located in the bustling Medina of Fez. The owner transformed her home into a quaint restaurant and the food was absolutely delicious! All of the food is served family style and there was plenty of it! Moroccan’s serve a “hot salad” before each meal and it could truly serve as a meal of its own. It includes eggplant (our favorite), roasted carrots, olives, a salsa-ish dish and bread. For our entrée we decided to try the Lamb tajin. O-M-G! It was delicious! A tajine is a cone shaped cooking vessel traditionally used to slow-cook meat and poultry dishes. The meat was so flavorful and tender! We ate until we were stuffed and there was still plenty of food left over to box up. Another cool thing about this restaurant was they provided our transportation to and from our hotel at no extra cost!

Shayla currently works full-time and recently launched Chaos Under Control, a home organization consultancy helping people to organize their home and business spaces "encouraging them to cherish the things they surround themselves with while letting go of the rest".

Lynn is a full time health administrator and serial entrepreneur. She is the founder of the Dorvil Advocacy Group, a health and patient advocacy firm. She is also a licensed realtor in Florida with Hamilton Realty Advisors.

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