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Travel Inspiration| Sunsets in Australia

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Andrew Caccese is a copywriter, blogger, and brand consultant from Italy, with over 10 years of experience, who loves to make music, collect records and travel the world. You can connect with him via his website or his Gig Page. Keep reading for a complete overview of some of Andrew's favorite places in Australia.

Australia: Exploring the land Down Under.

Wild, beautiful, exciting, and far away from pretty much everywhere else. These are some of the first things that came to my mind when I used to think about Australia, and let me tell you - My experiences in the land Down Under definitely matched my expectations. However, Australia is more to it than just a land with some unique nature and beautiful coastlines. It’s a country that feels lively, modern, and extremely diverse, home to a diverse fabric of people, arts, flavors, history, ideas, and so much more.

The first time I visited Australia, I actually had the opportunity to get a more intimate perspective on the country, moving away from the beaten path and having the opportunity to explore beyond the common touristy destinations.


Newcastle is a fast-growing city in the state of New South Wales. This is actually one of my favorite places in Australia because it has a truly unique vibe. On the one hand, it still has the charm of a working-class harbor. On the other, it is moving quite fast, as a symbol of Australia’s expansion and further race towards cosmopolitanism and multiculturalism - something which was only quite common in the largest cities. Newcastle is home to a charming city center. Have a stroll by the water or hang by the beach, conveniently located just a little walk away from the city’s main drag. If you are feeling hungry or in the mood for some “brekkie,” head over to Darby Street. This is considered one of the hippest little streets in Newcastle, and it’s home to fine establishments like local favorite “3 Monkeys.” Newcastle is also the perfect starting point to explore the charming Hunter Valley, one of Australia’s finest wine regions, as well as the Central Coast, Nora Head, and the Blue Mountains.


How could we not include the capital? Wait, we almost got you there. Australia’s actual capital is Canberra! Many people might get confused, giving the fact that Sydney is actually quite a popular destination. What makes this city special is that it is one of Australia’s most modern cities. It is a true cultural hub, and it is the place to be for any fan of nightlife, theater, and great food. Sydney’s home to some excellent restaurant, and it’s foodie scene is among my favorites in the whole of Australia.

In fact, the city is home to one of my favorite restaurants ever, Porteno, which is a fantastic place where to get some of the finest meat dishes ever. I still dream of that pork belly! Food aside, Sydney features an amazing number of fantastic attractions. Surfers and beach rats will absolutely love Bondi and Coogee, two of the most popular beaches in the city. However, it is impossible not to mention iconic buildings such as The Opera House and The Harbour Bridge, two of the most famous man-made structures in modern history. Sydney is an exciting town with a lot to offer, and it is well-connected to many destinations around Australia if you are planning on exploring the country further.


If Sydney is a little bit like the London of Australia, Melbourne is its New York City! This city is young, colorful, edgy, and unique, and it has a completely different vibe. Melbourne is home to a buzzing art and cultural scene, with so much music and theatre happening all the time. According to recent reports, Melbourne is the city with the highest number of music venues per capita in the world! This should give you a nice perspective on how important social life is here. From the buzzing downtown district (with an authentic China Town area) to hip areas such as Collingwood and Brunswick, this is the place to be.

Melbourne is located in the state of Victoria, and it stands out as one of the most amazing and exciting destinations in the country. It is also a perfect gateway to explore some amazing local nature, as well as checking out iconic attractions such as the “12 Apostles,” a beautiful collection of natural rocks by the shore, gazing out into the Pacific Ocean. If you are visiting the south of Australia during winter, be prepared: it can get quite chilly there because of its relative closeness to the South Pole!

Happy Travels Friends!



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