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New Year, New Challenge!

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Happy New Year! As we are planning our goals for 2019, I challenge you this year to be true to the energy that you receive and organically give. Don’t rely on labels to drive or sustain your interactions with others. Hold true to your obligations but question why they are such and let your actions come from a place of authenticity. As a result, watch your life change before your eyes.

I’ve never been one for labeling myself or others , however I do believe that the modern world needs labels -both for structuring society for the better and unfortunately to exclude others from it. Labels are constantly invented and recreated therefore we chase them in order to prove our meaning and purpose to others. The world doesn’t know how to relate to us without labels, without putting us in a box.

Labels are how we are reassured of ones positioning in relation to another. They inherently question our existence and value to society. Like many, I could make a long never ending list of labels that maybe would apply to some point in my existence (in no particular order): Woman, Christian, Daughter, Sister, Girlfriend, Aunt, Mentor, Wife, Lover, Friend, Confidant, Mentee, Scientist, Teacher, Administrator, Manager, Business Owner, Student, Runner, Reader, Writer, Poet, Activist...

The Universe however, that space where our soul lives - it doesn’t need labels. We are to it and one another the energy that resides between us. Often, the energy you feel from and give to another is organic -built in the fabric of the carbon, hydrogen and oxygen that makes us tangible. It’s unchangeable but can evolve over time. This explains why throughout life, those that may have once been a stranger can become like family, or why some friends become instant “besties” while other friends never seem to earn that label no matter how much time we spend with them... or why some people feel like we’ve known them in another lifetime. Inherently our logic, emotions or circumstance may cause us to make decisions while ignoring, dismissing or suppressing energy flow. Leading us to a path not destined for our unique journey.

Evaluate your current relationships to see if the label matches the energy. Document your feelings to see if you are aligned with your goals. Doing so will bring peace via less conflict in your relationships because your expectations will no longer be misaligned. The energy will set your expectations and therefore bring to you what the universe has ordained. Everything meant for you will vibrate on your same energy flow. You will feel it. When/if the vibrations end, let the universe take it away as it’s making room for something new.

Trust the energy in the room. Confront the energy in the room, respond to it accordingly or leave it behind completely. Conflicted energy and expectations create stress and harm to the psyche therefore negativity effecting our experience here in this life.

Happy Reading, Running, Traveling and Loving in 2019 my friends.




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