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Wellness| Run for the Cure (Philadelphia)

Updated: May 10, 2019

2018 Susan G. Komen race for the cure event supporting woman's cancer research.


Begins at the Eakins Oval, Philadelphia Museum of Art:

2451 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy, Philadelphia, PA 19130


5k Run

5k Walk

1 mile Fun Walk

Organizational Effectiveness:

The organization of this run was very good. These particular races are done at various times throughout the year in varying locations and tend to be very large. If you are breast cancer survivor there are exclusive events and gifts that are offered. You can even register at a discounted price!

Trail/Course info:

The course was predominantly flat for the first mile however sharply after the 1 mile marker we encountered a steep hill just around a sharp turn so you never see it coming! To credit of the race planners there is a water station just before you turn the corner. Once you are up hill (incline is about a bit more than 1/2 mile) you'll run over the highways and down hill to a beautiful lake. Overall the scenery was good and the race was challenging enough.


As with many races this size, the starting line was a bit crowed so you'll likely encounter some slowed traffic at the beginning of the run. However, once you hit your stride the scenery is a beautiful array of suburban mansions along the park area, then on to a backdrop of a mystified peaceful lake. If you visit this site often you all ready know that I live in my wireless lightweight Beats headphones during my runs and use them to play my race playlist with optimal sound quality which allows be to better pace myself. Combining the beautiful scenery and my tunes were a match made in heaven! The post race activities were amazing however there weren't enough race bags for everyone so if you couldn't carry it all in your hands then you just missed out.

WOW factor:

The wow factor for me here was the post race activities. There was an ice cream social, coffee truck, pretzel stand, marching band and so much more! Also, the museum is a great location for pictures.

Would I run it again?

Yes, of course!

How to register:

Find one in your desired location here:

Check out @readontherun Instagram for more pics!



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