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Travel Inspiration| New York, NY

Starbucks, empanadas and Broadway, oh my! If you have been following the ROTR blog for a while you already know that New York City is a favorite travel destination. There are so many things to experience and no matter how many times a person visits, no two trips will ever be the same. With its five boroughs and over 8 million people, NYC is never a bore. Admittedly most of my experience to date has been in the Manhattan borough, however each one has its own history, museums, culture and lore to offer. After reading about the highlights of my most recent trip below, tell me what your favorite spots are in #NYC by connecting with me on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube!

Starbucks Reserve (New York City), pictured: Shakerato Affogato: Espresso shots and vanilla syrup shaken with ice, poured over Blue Marble ice cream and finished with a mint spring.

This trip I had the opportunity to visit a Starbucks Reserve located in Chelsea, an area within the Manhattan borough. There are only 5 #Starbucks Reserve locations that exists today: Seattle, Shanghai, Milano, NYC and Tokyo. A sixth and, as I was told, final location is underway in Chicago. Each location manufactures and processes raw coffee beans from all over the world however is unique, and sure not to disappoint.

The NYC location showboats what Starbucks does best (besides produce a good cup of coffee), an atmosphere that the customer never wants to leave. For example, it has three bar areas:

1. The Main bar serves all of the traditional drinks and treats in which you are accustomed. The coffee beans are fed to the bar area in stylish vats through a transparent tube system that runs along the ceiling of the facility. This feature adds an industrial ambiance to the experience.

2. The Arriviamo bar is restaurant style which allows for social time, date night or just a nice spot to enjoy a luxurious cup of coffee. This bar boasts a happy hour that offers free pizza with the purchase of a drink. That's a sure fire way to sell a cup of coffee, job well done Starbucks!

3. The Experience Bar is located downstairs from the entrance displaying the namesake: a large area for customers to experience how the beans are roasted, complete with a Master Roaster to teach all the tricks of the trade.

Starbucks Reserve (New York City) -The Experience Bar

Check out the short video on our Youtube page to get a quick tour of the NYC Starbucks Reserve location!

What to eat:

Empanada Mama is located in an area of NYC called Hell's Kitchen. This area is adjacent to the Theater District. The empanadas were flavorful, fresh, and filled with quality ingredients. The staff members were fun, friendly and attentive. This place is perfect for a low key night out after a Broadway show, after a drunken night at the bars or a midnight hunger run. If you are a seafood fan, be sure to try the "Viagra" empanada!

P.S. My life motto: see any show on Broadway whenever you can! This time around Hamilton left me speechless.

Happy Travels!



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