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Travel Tips| 3 Tasty Restaurants you need to visit in Lagos, Nigeria

The Nigerian diet consists mostly of rice, beans, plantains and meats: fish, beef, chicken and goat. Another large part of the cultural cuisine consists of porridge-like soups containing leafy green vegetables, stockfish, ground melon seeds, palm oil, and spices. The foods are always spicy and flavorful.

During my most recent trip to Lagos, Nigeria, we visited a few tasty and trendy restaurants.

Here I will share my favorites:


1. Farm City Restaurant:

Location: 15 Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase I, Lekki, Nigeria

Cool Factor: Located just off the coast with an awesome view, in a young hip part of town littered with popular bars and hangout spots.

What we ordered: Jollof Rice, Plantains, Fried Fish, Grilled Catfish, Long Island Iced Tea

(Click Here to Watch the Video)


2. The W Restaurant:

Location: LASWA Yard, Under Falomo Bridge, Ikoyi 101233, Lagos, Nigeria

Cool Factor: Located inside a boat port authority building. The eating area is uncovered (outside) with a view of all the passing chartered boats. The spot becomes a dance club-like atmosphere after hours.

What we ordered: Chicken Suya, French Fries, Plantain, Grilled Croaker Frish, Jollof Rice, Creamy Seafood pasta, Heineken Beer.

(Click Here to Watch the Video)


3. Cubana Grill

Location: 17 Adeola Odeku St, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Cool Factor: This spot is actually a hopping nightclub and these treats are usually only served after hours. The Catfish is seasoned with spices, peppers and inions then wrapped in six layers of foil before being grilled to perfection (click Here to Watch the Video)!

What we ordered: Chicken Suya, Grilled Catfish

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