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Wellness| Urban Ultra Run (Dallas Texas)

Updated: May 10, 2019

Check out photos and information on my #UrbanUltraRun in Dallas, Tx!


Trinity River-Green Belt Park (less than a 30 minute walk from Downtown Dallas)


5k, 10k, Half Marathon, Full Marathon and 500K

Organizational Effectiveness:

This race was well organized. The race bib numbers contained timing chips so all runners had the option of published times. The organizers offered same day registration however those that registered on race day did not receive a t-shirt or medal.

There were a sufficient number of porta-potties for the crowd. However, in my experience, unlike other races of this size there were no vendor tents/sponsors on site giving out free stuff. There may have been a few food trucks however they weren't very prominent. The organizers did offer water to the runners during and after the race.

Trail/Course info:

The 5K is a 2x loop around the Trinity River pond. The course is predominantly flat paved road, excluding a 75 meter long hill about 1.5 miles into the run from the starting line. Keep in mind that this means, as a participant, climbing that hill both half way into the run and at the end of the run just before the .1 mile trek to the finish line. There is also a short portion of the trail made of gravel. A down side is that there were no mile markers on the trail. I am assuming this is because the total distance was a repeated loop.


Overall, in my opinion, I had a great experience. This race begins a 5:30pm in the evening so losing the traditional early start time was a great call by the organizers. Most of the runners were Dallas natives, very welcoming and excited to be there. Almost all participants attempted to run a portion of the race; In other words, there were very few walkers. The weather was incredibly comfortable for a run this time of year. There was a cool breeze so spectators will need a jacket however runners will quickly warm up once the race begins.

An upside to this event taking place in a park is that there is no need to block off streets therefore dodging unruly vehicles aren't a distraction.

WOW factor:

Free glow sticks were given to all registered guests. The race starting time is set so the runners can enjoy the scenery of the park/lake as the sun goes down over the Dallas skyline. Once the sun goes down, the glow sticks light up the night.

Would I run it again?

I would definitely run this race again if I am ever in the Dallas area around this time of year again.

How to register:

Pictures from the run:

Starting Line Photo. Say "Cheese"!


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