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Travel Tips| Packing for an active weekend?

Updated: May 10, 2019

Pack efficiently and effectively for a #CrazySexyCool weekend on the go.

Those that know me well, know that one of the most tortuous moments of traveling for me is waiting for my bag at the airport baggage claim. It's a whole 45 minutes of my trip that I cannot get back. Secondly, rushing from the plane to the bathroom, then to the carousel is, in my opinion, not the way to begin a relaxing, fun, carefree journey. Also, I like to have my hands free, in other words, not involved in pushing, pulling, rolling or carrying anything.

As a result during this #12runsof2018 tour I currently center my packing routine around avoiding such"terrible things". Below you will find what I pack in a nutshell, how I manage to carry it all and how I stay organized between trips. Enjoy!

Kiosk Attendant: “Will you be checking any bags today?”
Me: "Not in this lifetime."

What I pack

1 pair of flats (usually wearing them to the airport)

1 pair of heels

2 pair of running pants/shorts and tops

1 versatile dress/skirt and jacket

2 pair of jeans and casual tops

1 set of sleepwear

2 pair of socks

1 laptop computer and Ipad

Why I pack it

During this #12runsof2018 tour I an always packing for a race so why I pack the running gear is obvious. While I am in the city I usually spend time sight seeing or meeting up with friends. Depending on the type of establishments we visit jeans and/or a versatile dress will have to do. Those two items are a part of a uniform that you cal pretty much wear anywhere.

How I pack it

I use a North Face hiking backpack to carry all of the above. If you are not careful the shoes will take up most of the space in the back pack. Therefore I pack my heels, wear the flats to the airport and tie my running shoes to the outside of the bag. Also, my headphones clip to the back of the backpack so I don't have to loose precious space inside the bag for these either. Same goes for my Hydro Flask.

How I stay organized

As soon as I return home from my trip, I unpack, wash the items then repack for the next trip. I use a checklist to make sure I didn't forget anything. I keep this checklist and goal results for races and trips in my Bestself Journal. It helps me keep all of my many goal organized, tracks my progress and helps me to adjust of I am not meeting my desired results. It's awesome!

How do you pack for an active weekend getaway?



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