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Travel Tips| Where Should We Eat?! (2018 in Review)

Here is a list of great eats that we discovered during our running tour in 2018. Let me know, on social media, if you try any of these locations. We loved them!..and if you are a frequent visitor here then you know the drill: Click on the links in this post for more information on anything that you like...


New Orleans, Louisiana

Located about a little over an hour outside of New Orleans in Lafayette, Louisiana, Prejeans Resturant has some of the best damn gumbo you will ever eat. 'Nuf said, enjoy!


Baltimore, Maryland

If you are ever in the Baltimore area PLEASE stop by the Blue Moon Cafe. You will not regret it! Their Breakfast Crab Tower and Captain' Crunch French Toast were amazing!


Denver, Colorado

Guard and Grace Restaurant is a fine dining steakhouse with great service, business casual comfortable atmosphere and a cocktail menu to drool over. We recommend the Garden Grace cocktail.


Mexico City, Mexico

All of the food in Mexico City is amazing including RosaNegra Restaurant. It has fresh seafood, savory wine and an open atmosphere to enjoy the refreshing sunny weather in the area.


New York, New York

Located in the Chelsea Market, the tacos at Los Tacos No. 1 are the absolute best tacos I have ever had.


Santa Barbara, California

California has plenty of fine dining in which we enjoyed. Toma Resturant had rustic wine and a romantic atmosphere. The scallops were cooked to absolute perfection.

Sunny California is also a great place for tacos outside! East Beach Tacos had tasty tacos at a great price. If you find yourself wanting to work off those tacos right away, this location is attached to an outdoor batting cage, bonus!


Atlanta, Georgia

Poor Calvin's Restaurant had a great seafood curry and a cozy, quaint, intimate atmosphere. It was especially fun to hear that Calvin is, in fact, no longer poor!



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