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Inspired Thoughts| #Birthdays (A Love Letter)

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Birthdays are a bit mysterious, don't you think? The consensus is that we are another year older...that our being is somehow incrementally closer to an unknown destination. Yet, we don't really know how long our consciousness has been a part of the universe- this intelligently designed scheme of chaotic perfection. Do we?

I have been fortunate to experience extraordinary souls throughout my journey thus far, in which to learn, laugh, cry, heal, create, enjoy new experiences and discover. Some were for a season, others have been a lifetime. Some truly saw me before I discovered myself. Some discovered themselves in parallel. Those closest to me realized my strengths, weaknesses, and prepared me for the world before I knew of the challenges ahead.

If I have ever told you that I love you, please know that it is true. If I haven't please know that still, it is true. We are all connected much like the elements of the earth- uniquely necessary. Love comes in many forms: Parental, familial, fellowship, romantic, platonic, symbiotic...just to name a few. We need one another to create the beauty in life for the present and the future. There is so much beauty in all of our differences, quarrels and unity in creating change for the better.

For those of you that have sent well wishes my way rather publicly, privately and/or silently- Thank you for thinking of me. I can only hope that I have positively impacted your journeys in a fraction of the way you all have impacted mine.

Let us continue to check on one another with love of all kinds.

R.I.P Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain...and all of those for whom we do not know of...




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