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Inspired Thoughts: Best of 2020

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Hi 👋🏽Bookish friends, Happy New Year!🎊

Do you have plans to read more this year? If so, is here to take the ride with you! I started ROTR (@readingontherunblog) for many reasons of which I am prepared to share the full list with you over coffee, if you’re interested 😉. Until then...

One of these reasons is to do my part in spreading a little empathy in the world 🌎. I believe as we crack open the ends to a book and set about getting lost in stories that are nothing like our own, we begin to build better connections in real life that lead to better bridges merging ideas to better solutions- at home, at work, in society, in life. It makes for a better human experience for us all.

Here are a few top 2020 blog accomplishments we are celebrating as we look forward to connecting with even more book lovers, authors, readers and just everyone involved with the human experience, in the year 2021. 🥳

Top Trending Blog Posts of 2020

Top Blog Accomplishments of 2020

  1. Building empathy and compassion for others!

  2. Introduced new authors to the ROTR audience with YouTube series: Author Exclusives. We love independent authors with authentic stories. Authors Lynette Davis and Mia Creswell sat down with ROTR blog to promote their book and to have an up close and personal conversation with the audience. Kudos!

  3. Accepted Author Solicitations: In 2018 ROTR received its first publisher box full of Toni Morrison novels. Since then, various independent authors have reached out, sent a copy of their book and requested it be reviewed on the ROTR blog. These opportunities are privileges in which we are grateful.

  4. Boosted Travel Inspiration Series: Although this wasn’t the year for travel, ROTR blog connected with inspirational people across the globe to bring moving content motivating audiences to visit Australia, Alaska & Arizona.

  5. Grew blog social media audience >2k% as compared to January 2020 and increased monthly blog traffic >100% as compared to 2019.

As always,

Happy Reading Friends!



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