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Book Review| Lies She Told by Cate Holahan

Have to you ever unintentionally told a lie? If so, this book, Lies She Told by Cate Holahan, will make sure you never do again!

Liza is married twelve years, desperately trying for a baby and has only 30 days to write a #1 bestseller. On top of juggling insurmountable pressure of writing her best novel yet, and the artificial pregnancy hormones, Liza must also help find who killed her husband's law partner before he spirals out of control and shatters her dreams of becoming a family of three.

Cate Holahan is the author of five domestic suspense novels, including One Little Secret, previously reviewed by RTOR. The most recent Holahan novel, titled Her Three Lives, is due to release in March 2021. Holahan's writing style includes short plain sentences. Paragraphs are littered with dialogue between extensive scenic descriptions. Little dialogue between characters prevents extensive character development but there is enough to enjoy the story. With a very entertaining plot, much like One Little Secret, Holahan keeps the reader enticed with very little lulls in the storyline.

Lies She Told is a dueling tale which parallels the story of Liza, Holahan's main character, and Liza's protagonist, Beth. Written in one position of voice (POV) with two different characters, each in different worlds, Holahan pulls off the difficult task of keeping the reader at bay as the suspense unfolds.

The Audible version of this book, narrated by Amy McFadden and Lisa Larsen, boosts the writing to give the characters separate life celebrating the original delivery of a somewhat familiar phycological plot.

Meet the Characters

Liza, struggling to get back on the bestseller list after her debut novel, titled Drowned Secrets, is focused on writing the life of Beth. Unfortunately, she can't quite concentrate when it's found out how her husband's partner went drowning.

David, married to Liza, is a New York City Lawyer having a tough time dealing with his partners disappearance. With the additional workload and the pressure of finding his missing partner, David isn't as focused as Liza would like him to be on starting their family. When finally confronted by Liza, he reveals shocking news.

Trevor, real life is Liza's handsome and critical editor, consistently applying pressure for Liza's next masterpiece. Though, in Beth's world, Trevor is a sexy Psychiatrist in which she begins an affair. Leaving the reader of this book to wonder just how much of Beth's world will spill over into Liza's real world troubles.

Nick, David's Law partner, is gorgeous, smooth and very much a ladies man. Unlike David, Nick hasn't settled down with one woman and argues that David married wrong, not keeping his dislike of Liza a secret. When he goes missing without a trace, everyone begins to wonder about the true Nick and whether they even knew him at all.

Beth is the protagonist in Liza's fictional book. Beth suspects that her husband Jake is cheating on her with a law enforcement officer at his law firm. Newly a mother, Beth finds herself in a predicament causing her to choose saving her small young family or leaving her husband.

The Verdict

This book is worth the read. Cate Holahan doesn't disappoint.


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