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Uber Talks| Meet Devin (Philadelphia)

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

This post is a part of the ReadOnTheRun-Uber Talks series in which we will feature strangers that inspire us along our journey. Let's make an effort to be conscious of the people we meet throughout our journeys, spreading the spirit of curiosity, promoting empathy to the journey of others and sharing a bit of ourselves with those around us. Meet Devin!

Devin has been driving #Uber for 6 months in Philadelphia, PA. Through the hustle and bustle of traveling through the train station to my hotel (and a pit stop in between) I had the opportunity to learn that he is an avid music lover of all genres. A self-proclaimed "Hip-Hop era" child, he also enjoys Jazz, Electronic, Classical and R&B. As I continued to inquire further about his music interests he quickly began to rattle off a list of musical artist from the coast of California to the deep South and back up to the most popular open mic night on the East Coast. Artists way beyond trending on the top ten. This quickly revealed to me that he was more than a fan. Turns out Devin worked in the the music industry for over a decade. He went to college for his true passion: film making. Subsequently as life naturally progressed, he settled for filming music videos instead, until he gained enough courage to take the leap into film.

“Driving Uber can be hard. You just never know the energy of people who you allow in your personal vehicle.” -Devin

In a few short weeks Devin will be leaving Philadelphia for California to work on an indie film he was hired to the feature! Can we say "Hello, big break!"? Well Devin, it was very nice to meet you. You remind us all that we should never give up on our dreams though we must be flexible to the twists, turns and pit stops of life (thank you for stopping so I could grab a much needed decaf, almond milk macchiato with no judgement).

Devin we wish you much success and hope to see you in the rolling credits at our next visit to the the movie theater. Keep inspiring those around you. Five star ride!



Thank you for reading this feature. Who has inspired you today?

*Names and photos may have been changed to protect the identity of those featured. All stories are actual events.


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