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Uber Talks| Lessons from a Harvard Business Professor

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Have you ever met someone and within the first 5 seconds of being in their presence, you either trust them completely or not at all? Well, apparently there is a formula for that- here's why...

"If we can learn to trust one another more, we can have unprecedented human progress."

~ Frances Frei, Harvard Business School professor


Building trust is an important part of business. There are New York Times best-selling authors traveling the globe teaching business gurus how to build it frequently, quickly and lucratively. At the very base of all theoretical knowledge surrounding why trust is important in business, it boils down to one principle, in my opinion: Trust is necessary for building true heartfelt relationships that can serve as a foundation for a solid partnership. This applies not only to business settings but in all forms of relationships.

Trust is the foundation for everything we do. But what do we do when it's broken?

Frances Frei, Harvard Business School Professor gave a very inspiring TED talk this year about how to build and re-build trust based off of her short stint at UBER, leading change for the better. Her basic triad can be applied in any setting, she encourages. Frei compassionately communicates that presenting your ideas while being your authentic self and showing true empathy for others is how trust is built over time. If one of the elements is lacking or begins to wane, no worries, there are ways to re-build that element within the relationship.

Frei inspires us because she reminds us that every interaction with another is an opportunity to make the world incrementally better. She understands and truly believes that everyone can change for the better and is worthy of a chance at redemption. She travels the world being her authentic self with no apologies encouraging us all to build trusting relationships to further enhance the human experience. No one achieves greatness alone and healthy productive relationships are the only way to build momentum to achieve your unique brand of greatness.

Watch Dr. Frei's TED video below to be inspired...Trust me!

This post is a part of the ReadOnTheRun-Uber Talks series in which we will feature strangers that inspire us along our journey. Let's make an effort to be conscious of the people we meet throughout our journeys, spreading the spirit of curiosity, promoting empathy to the journey of others and sharing a bit of ourselves with those around us.



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